The Challenge
This success story is about the innovative solution that changed radically the production lines of the aluminium extrusion group ALUMIL, through tangible results.

The main challenge was initially the identification of scrap production as early as possible during the extrusion process, by detecting defects on the profile surface and alert the press operators in real time..
The Company
With more than 30 years of experience and 2.200 employees, ALUMIL group is one of the most advanced companies in the design and production of architectural aluminium systems worldwide. The group accommodates state-of-the-art production lines in 12 factories across Europe.
The Problem
The problem that we were challenged to solve was the high scrap percentage in both primary (extrusion) and secondary production (powder coating, anodizing, and packing).

There is no doubt that high scrap percentages accumulate undesired costs in every aluminium industry while affecting the production capacity as well as the reputation of the company.
extrusion cyrus reduction
The Solution
In order to downsize high scrap rates, we installed on Alumil premises our system CYRUS, as part of the overall EXTRUSION 4.0 solution.

CYRUS is an innovative machine vision solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to identity defects and recurring defect patterns in real-time. Moreover, the system triggers smart alerts to the press operators on a 24/7/365 basis.

CYRUS identifies the following defects during the extrusion process: blisters, dents, scratches, pickups and rough surface. Defect detection takes place in real-time (less than 50msec) and with high accuracy.

The system records the defect localization map and saves the history record per meter and per runout, for all extrusions, to a common data repository. Big data analytics allow for business intelligence reporting related to the surface inspection while enabling yield optimization.

Watch the video and learn more.
The Equipment
The equipment installed in ALUMIL’s shop floor consists of:
  • High-speed Industrial cameras
  • Robust & modular industrial lights
  • Powerful edge GPUs
  • Various IoT sensors
The Results
The adoption of CYRUS in ALUMIL’s production lines resulted to the following performance indicators:

  • Scrap reduction up to 8%
  • Average savings up to 1 € per produced kg of scrap aluminium

By the end of 2021, three CYRUS systems had been installed at the extrusion presses in Greece and Serbia and two more in corresponding powder coating stations. Moreover, it is important to emphasize that a single cloud Data Management System installation hosts the consolidated data for the ALUMIL group worldwide.
Get to know everything about CYRUS and the Extrusion 4.0 solution, its basic features and operational parameters as well as the benefits for the aluminium sector. Extrusion 4.0 solution can be applied to every aluminium industry, transforming it to a Factory-of-the-Future.
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