Innovative quality control solutions for industrial use

Get the most out of computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data technologies.


An innovative machine vision solution enabling inline quality control on aluminum profiles during the extrusion process. Deep learning allows for surface inspection and early defect detection, thus resulting to scrap reduction and savings on production, processing and recycling costs. Real-time production monitoring and big data analytics facilitate fast and effective decision making.

Indulge your customers with zero-defect products.

Aluminum extrusion inline quality control


Take control of your production,impress with the results


Work easier,
zero human mistakes, let the machines help you & focus only on important issues


High percentages of scrap profiles in primary and secondary production.

Late defect detection

Accumulated operational and recycling costs

Quality control based on manual and offline operations.


  • Defect detection and classification with Deep Learning
  • Abnormal Event Detection and Alerting
  • Real time extrusion monitoring
  • Material saving
  • QA/QC process automation
  • Decision Support

Sales & Marketing

Credibility and trust for your customers


Delays in order delivery

Claims due poor profile quality

No insights on the actual production

Need for new sales tools


  • Deliver better products
  • Deliver on-time
  • Entry ticket to more demanding markets
  • One step ahead of your competitors

Information Technology

Big Data
have never been easier


Lack of innovation

Lack of real time production data

Inadequate decision making tools


  • Industrial IoT Infrastructure
  • Interoperability
  • State-of-the art technologies


Automation, Productivity,
Cost saving, Innovation


Make your factory the factory of the Future


Production and Sales & Marketing bottlenecks

Digital Transformation Challenges

Invest considerations in cutting-edge technologies


  • Yield Optimization
  • Digital transformation
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation
  • Join the Industry 4.0 era