AI Data Management System

A multi-tenant cloud platform designed for the needs of industrial surface
inspection, with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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About AI DMS
AI Data Management System (AI DMS) is a multi-tenant cloud platform capable of ingesting, storing, organizing, assessing and maintaining big data collected by your organization, especially designed for the needs of industrial surface inspection.
Role-based access control
AI DMS allows hierarchical access to data lakes and interfaces based on dynamic roles and dedicated user permissions. The platform supports data isolation on:
  • Group level
  • Plant level
  • Machine level
  • User role level
Data transmission from the shop-floor and data preservation on the central repository, incorporate high-end protocols on both application and infrastructure level.
Multi-language - multi-locale
AI DMS supports multiple languages and multiple locales by design and by default allowing for worldwide installations and distributed data orchestration.
The use of dynamic resources facilitates seamless localization of diverse user and data interfaces.
Real-Time production monitoring
Managers can remotely and in near real-time monitor the surface quality of multiple production lines for a single or multiple machines within a plant or a group of plants, across the globe.
Real Time production monitoring

The platform is configurable and capable of hosting and provisioning data for diverse industrial domains. The users get an overview of detailed surface evidence and have the opportunity to interact with valuable production insights for quality assurance and yield optimization purposes.
Offline Notifications
& Alerting
AI DMS utilizes push notifications to automatically send high scrap productions to multiple manager levels.
Push notifications are valuable in the case that managers need to identify production anomalies and prevent unnecessary downstream processing of scrap or problematic material.
AI engineering
AI DMS provides high-end tools and interfaces to organize data collected from the shop-floor for machine learning purposes. IT specialists can create, preserve and augment dynamic datasets containing detections for validation and/or re-training purposes. The system incorporates sophisticated interfaces for visual data annotation and classification while tracking a full stack history log for user activity. Performance reports allow for AI performance continuous validation and user evaluation.
AI engineering
Business Intelligence reporting
AI DMS is responsible for compiling surface inspection big data to added-value decision making reports. The system provides out-of-the-box defect detection and defect density drill-down reports over time. Users can interact with defect charts through a multi-criteria search interface, to reveal defect patterns and combine surface evidence with diverse production data streams (plc, machine data, etc.) for yield optimization purposes.
Business Intelligence reporting
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