Innovative quality control solution

for marble tiles & slabs production, palletization & end-to-end tarcking


An industrial IoT ecosystem delivering quality assurance to tile production, palletization and end-to-end tracking. Machine vision enables smart tile sorting and defect detection, using artificial intelligence. Augmented reality interfaces support precise pickup and palletization. Intranet and extranet cloud interfaces facilitate real-time production monitoring and business intelligence.

The only solution worldwide that guarantees objective sorting of natural stones.


Take control of your production,impress with the results


Manual tile sorting with human error

Tile misclassification resulting to faulty palletization

Lack of traceability

Lack of real time production monitoring

Accumulated operational and production costs


  • Sorting automation with Deep Learning
  • Surficial defect detection
  • Tile tracking – unique quality stamp
  • Real time tile production monitoring
  • QA/QC process automation
  • Production insights and big data

Sales & Marketing

Credibility and trust for your customers


Delays in order delivery

Claims due to tile misclassification

Customers get to know the products upon reception

No insights on the actual production

Need for new sales tools


  • Deliver the right tiles
  • Deliver on-time
  • Tile real time tracking and provisioning through Customer Extranet
  • Entry ticket to more demanding markets
  • One step ahead of your competitors

Information Technology

Big Data
have never been easier


Technology leveraging growth and sustainability


Innovation buzzwords

Lack of systems to provide production insights

Data analytics challenges


  • Industrial IoT Infrastructure
  • Interoperability and System Integration
  • State-of-the art technologies


Automation, Productivity,
Cost saving, Innovation


Make your factory the factory of the Future


Production and Sales & Marketing bottlenecks

Digital Transformation Challenges

Inadequate real time information

Invest considerations in cutting-edge technologies


  • Yield Optimization
  • Digital transformation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation
  • Join the Industry 4.0 era


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Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.