“Autonomous Quality Inspection Aluminium System” Innovation project

We use Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies to optimize the production process of aluminium profiles

An intelligent quality inspection system & a substantial advancement towards the autonomous extrusion factory transformation, with the ultimate goal of Yield maximization.
The innovative project “Vigilant 4.0” has been designed and implemented in collaboration with ALUMIL SA. Its innovation has to do with the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to optimize the production process of aluminium profiles. This project contributes substantially to the extrusion factory transformation towards autonomy. The outcomes of this experiment indicate significant gains for the customers such as scrap reduction, avoidance of unnecessary processing and time-to-market minimization.
The problem
Aluminium extrusion powder-coating is among the costliest processes that aluminium profiles undergo, considering the prices of the raw aluminium, the processing cost that occurred in prior stages and the energy required for the coating process itself.
Moreover, the powder-coating line is also responsible for a significant amount of scrap.
The Solution
Vigilant 4.0 refers to an autonomous decision-making system for Aluminium Extrusion that facilitates a quality assurance closed loop able to identify scrap generation in real-time and minimize scrap propagation downstream.
Vigilant 4.0 is aligned with the European Green Deal, as it can considerably reduce:
Energy required.
CO2 emissions released.
Hazardous waste generated at the secondary production of aluminium extrusion processing chain.
100% inspection on all profiles
Reduction of scrap
Minimization of unnecessary processing of defective profiles
Elimination of claims
Reduction of time-to-market
Project ID
Start Date: January 1st 2021
Duration: 9 months
Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union. Grant agreement ID: 825030.
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Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.