Innovative quality control solutions for industrial use

Get the most out of computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data technologies.

Stonegroup International

One of the largest groups of marble companies in Europe, active in quarrying, processing and trading marble all over the world with a dynamic presence in more than 80 countries. SGI has fully adopted Stone4.0 in the entire tile production, enabling unquestionable marble tile sorting though novel machine learning algorithms. Smart tile sorting proved to be far more accurate and stable compared to manual sorting. Instant and automated marble tile rejection and classification led to yield optimization, claim reduction and real-time production insights.

An IoT Marble Industry 4.0 Innovation

  • Artificial Intelligence delivering highly accurate Smart Tile Sorting
  • Computer Vision algorithms supervising tile Rejection and Reprocessing
  • Augmented Reality supporting manual tile pickup and palletization
  • Touch screen interface enabling on-site QA and QC
  • Web interface for real time production monitoring
  • Customer Extranet
  • Tile end-to-end tracking

Sophisticated IoT Infrastructure

Sensors, people, processes, cyber-physical systems and apps blend into a cutting edge IoT ecosystem

  • Industrial Laser Sensors
  • High Resolution Industrial Cameras
  • Industrial Led Lights in Strobe mode
  • Industrial Smart Dark Room
  • High-end edge GPUs serving neural networks
  • LED screen enabling Virtual Mirror
  • Cloud VMs – big data – ΒΙ
  • Mobile App – Tile Tracking

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Vision

  • Highly accurate tile clustering and classification and flawless defect detection
  • Generalization & transfer learning algorithms accommodating diverse tile types in short time
  • Continuous dataset enrichment and validation (natural stone tiles are unique)

Real-time production monitoring

  • Every single production on the cloud
  • Every single tile on the cloud
  • Digital Dry Lay
  • Ad-hoc production statistics
  • Web-interface
  • IoT infrastructure health monitoring

Tile Tracking

A true Digital Twin

  • Browse tiles in a pallet or a box
  • Mobile Dry Lay
  • Zoom on the pattern
  • Tile Tracker API available upon request

Solution Highlights

The Future of Marble Factories

  • 2x more accurate than human sorting
  • 100% sorting repeatability
  • Easy generalization to new tile types
  • Faster Quality Control
  • Claim Reduction
  • Real-time production insights
  • Online added-value customer services