Smart Laboratory Information System

We use Μachine Learning technologies to radically change the analyses landscape of the Agrifood sector.

An innovative and automated smart laboratory management system in the Agrifood industry, using machine learning and state of the art technologies.

The innovative project ‘’Smart Laboratory Information System’’ has been designed and implemented in collaboration with Veltia Labs for Life. Its innovation has to do with the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies in the daily processes of laboratories and the automatic and uninterrupted communication between measurement machines/ instruments and the central laboratory information management system.

The development and delivery of the final integrated solution is expected to have a direct economic and business impact on a global scale.

The Project Goal
The common goal of D-cube and Veltia is the innovative project ‘’Smart Laboratory Information System”
To accommodate the transformation of the Veltia production line to Lab of the Future.
To develop, demonstrate and commercially exploit a novel vertical solution in the field of laboratory analysis in the Agrifood industry.

The “Smart Laboratory Information System” incorporates all of the processes carried out in typical laboratories such as Environmental, Dietary, Microbiological and Residual laboratories in order to broaden the market share to which the final system will be addressed.

The “Smart Laboratory Information System” will be integrated with smart-edge agents which will allow for machine-to-machine communication and conduct the sample measurement in a most efficient and uninterrupted way.

Innovative deep learning methods based on the development of recurrent neural network (RNN) will be designed.

In addition, an Extranet system will be developed to provide information regarding the progress of customer samples and their measurements in real-time (traceability of analyses).

Real-time information about the laboratories
Machine-to-machine communication
Real-time monitoring
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Industry 4.0
Design & development of an advanced smart laboratory system which is capable of orchestrating and integrating the processes carried out within the laboratories.
Design & development of smart-edge agents for diverse laboratories and machines.
Development, testing and validation of artificial intelligence algorithms that are capable of detecting any unexpected behavior.
Development of an Extranet system that will provide a better management and traceability of analyses and consequently will upgrade the customer service.
Project ID
Start Date: October 2020
Duration: 30 months
Single RTDI State Aid Action “Research-Create-Innovate”
Project ID number: Τ2ΕΔΚ-00478
Funding Image
Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.
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Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.