“Marble Factory of the Future” Innovation project

We use machine learning technologies & we change the production process of marble slabs

Automated sorting of marble slabs using machine learning & artificial intelligence
The innovative project ‘’Marble Factory of the Future’’ has been designed and implemented in exclusive collaboration with Stone
Group International
. Its innovation has to do with the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies
in the production process of marble slabs. The goal of using innovative technologies is the automated detection
of the defects upon the surface of the marble slabs and sorting them accordingly.
The project goal
The common goal of D-cube and Stone Group International is the innovative project ‘’Marble Factory of the Future’’:
To contribute substantially to the transformation of the Stone Group International factory into a factory of the future.
To create and develop an innovative, vertical solution in the field of marble processing that will change the whole production process, and the commercial exploitation of marble slabs, worldwide.
Basic description & implementation methods
The ‘’Marble Factory of the Future’’, through a system of continuous monitoring of the production line, achieves the automated detection of the defects on the surface of the slabs, as well as their quality classification (sorting).
A necessary condition for all the above is the collection and the analysis of every quality characteristic of the slabs, as well as morphological and structural characteristics such as shape, perimeter, volume and color.
Innovative deep learning methods based on the development of Convolutional and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) will be designed.
In addition, ancillary subsystems will be integrated and developed in order to improve the cutting of the slabs, as well as extracting useful information to final customers.
Real-time marble slab sorting
Optimal-cutting recommendation
Real-time defect detection
Real-time production monitoring
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Industry 4.0
Stages of individual D-cube tasks
Design & development of an advanced system which is capable to evaluate and analyze marble slabs.
Development, testing and validation of artificial intelligence algorithms for defect detection and slabs sorting.
Big data collection and recommendations supporting decision making in the production & commercial process.
Development of Extranet system that will provide a better management of the slabs and consequently will increase the loyalty of the customers.
Project ID
Start Date: January 1st 2020
Duration: 40 months
Single RTDI State Aid Action “Research-Create-Innovate”
Project ID number: Τ2ΕΔΚ-01996
Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.
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Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.