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Next-gen immersive media

TRIANGLE is an EC funded project under the Fire+ initiative. The project is developing a pre-5G testbed to help app developers and device manufacturers in the evolving 5G sector to test and benchmark new mobile applications in Europe utilizing existing and extended FIRE testbeds.

The experiment incorporated a simulated streaming environment hosted in the TRIANGLE testbed facilities that reproduced live content recordings. Remote experimentation was achieved for a largely challenging setting, live streaming VR media demonstrating the capabilities of an appropriately orchestrated testbed.

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On-site training of INdustrial workers using AR Technology (INART)

The MIDIH “Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs” project aims at realizing services to support the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs.

The INART experiment proposed and demonstrated a novel way of Augmented Reality (AR) guided assembly in a manufacturing environment. The AR driven assembly process is drastically changing the way an assembly is presented to the workers as well as the way workers and supervisors interact in an immersive way in the manufacturing process.The experiment was conducted at the AIC (Automotive Intelligence Center) didactic factory at Bilbao

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CYber physical aluminium extRUsion System (CYRUS)

DIATOMIC, is an exclusive network of Digital Innovation Hubs—part of the EC’s Smart Anything Everywhere initiative. It is a pan-European business and technology ecosystem, with focus on health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors, uniquely suited to microelectronics startups/ SMEs seeking to accelerate the time to market of novel digitized products and services.

D-Cube is proud to be a part of one of 8 winning consortia, collaborating with Ingenno Berlin, on the CYRUS experiment. CYRUS is a holistic Quality Assessment (QA) solution for aluminium extrusion.

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Immersive Marathon Runner Application (IMRA)

FLAME Future Media Internet (FMI) is an initiative designed to create a sustainable Future Media Internet ecosystem through experimentation, collaboration and innovation.

IMRA is about a marathon framework for outdoor running events designed to be deployed in 5G infrastructures. The experiment objectives are (i) to provide an intriguing application to marathon audiences, (ii) to leverage the FLAME’s platform to achieve the best possible QoE for the end-users, (iii) to experiment by deploying and benchmarking D-Cube’s technologies on a new and disruptive 5G platform, (iv) to provide valuable feedback to the FLAME consortium regarding the feasibility of the deployment of Deep learning technologies on the FLAME platform.