An innovative machive vision solution

for inline quality control on aluminum extrusion and surface treatments

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About Extrusion 4.0
EXTRUSION 4.O is the only solution in the world that guarantees early scrap identification, prevents unnecessary downstream processing and can be successfully applied to all aluminum industries, ensuring, for each of them, maximum production efficiency.
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The Ecosystem
The EXTRUSION 4.0 Ecosystem consists of concrete solutions per production line and a unitary data collection and processing system. More specifically:
  • CYRUS Extrusion
    Installed just a few meters from the aluminium press, allowing for inline, early and real-time defect detection and alerting.
  • CYRUS Powder Coating
    Applicable in vertical and horizontal powder coating lines. Inline, real-time and color agnostic profile surface inspection and sorting.
  • CYRUS Packing
    Inline surface inspection and sorting on semi-finished and powder coated aluminium profiles.
  • EXTRUSION 4.0 Data Management System
    Cloud Industrial IoT platform, gathering surface inspection data from multiple nodes on the shop-floor. Provides historic data and surface quality smart reporting.
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Defect Detection
CYRUS detects all categories of defects during the following production stages:
  • Extrusion
  • Powder Coating
  • Packing
The Technology
CYRUS introduces a holistic AI framework for the aluminium extrusion industry.

Different AI Layers serving defect detection from extrusion to surface treatment with high accuracy. Anomaly detection AI layer reveals complex recurring defect patterns and generates Smart Alerts for machine usage optimization, in real-time. Big data analysis results to high-level decision making, while the innovative Neural Networks are getting “smarter” though Active Learning best practices.

AI-as-a-service delivers Lean Manufacturing by reducing lead times and operating costs while improving aluminium profile quality.
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The key features
The main key features of EXTRUSION 4.0 are:
  • Detection and categorization of defects with Neural Networks in real-time
  • Detection of production anomalies, with automatic notifications & suggestions for corrective actions, in real-time
  • High accuracy in identifying defects and anomalies regardless of aluminum die and production conditions
  • Production monitoring in near real-time via Cloud interfaces
  • Support decision making by analyzing large volumes of data
  • Ensure the privacy of production data
  • Interoperability through Industry 4.0 standards
The benefits
The EXTRUSION 4.0 solution guarantees:
  • Yield optimization
  • Reduction of defective profiles (scrap)
  • Reduction of production, processing, and recycling costs
  • Reduction of unnecessary downstream processing in secondary production
  • Contribution to the Circular Economy and Green Growth (reduction of CO2 emissions)
Success Story
EXTRUSION 4.0 solution has already been adopted by ALUMIL, one of the most advanced companies in the production of architectural aluminium systems, globally. Surface inspection big data gathered from multiple extrusion and powder coating lines in Greece and Serbia for production optimization purposes.

Read the Success Story to learn more.
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