Immersive Places

Think of places where virtual blends with real.

Delivering high-quality digital experiences to customers or visitors on malls, stores, museums or any other physical site, using diverse sensors and interactive equipment.

Immersive Mall / Store

mall-in3Give your customers new reasons to visit your place. Engage diverse target groups in innovative and interactive digital experiences. A sophisticated beacon network delivers proximity marketing services, varying from targeted messaging to challenging visual merchandising solutions. Bring-Your-Own-Devece (BYOD) scenarios triggering interactions between humans, robots, smart devices, motion and proximity sensors in a unified service cloud. Open space advertising zones, 3D tele-immersion, real-time activity tracking, heatmaps and advanced analytics, bringing Internet of Things (IoT) to life.

Watch how an Immersive Place looks like!

Immersive Museum

museum-in3Introducing a whole new perspective to automated guided tours while challenging visitors to enjoy immersive cultural artifacts. Bring your own device and let the proximity sensors engage you in a personalized tour. Indoors localization provides real-time positioning, prompting dynamic cultural collections to the visitors in a seamless way. An advanced Digital Asset Management repository supported by Linked Open Data services, harvesting protocols and 3D capturing tools, delivers rich multilingual content through augmented reality applications.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box multi-tenancy
  • Real-time beacon fleet management
  • Customer indoor localization
  • 3D tele-immersion
  • 3D human reconstruction
  • Proximity tracking and dynamic fencing
  • Smart digital hotspots and interactive games
  • Dynamic advertising zones
  • Customer heatmaps and advanced analytics
  • AR/VR/MR applications